Connection Training Clinic with Rachel Bedingfield

November 12th 5pm - November 16th 5pm

Working with our beautiful Spanish horses, you will be able to develop your skills with positive reinforcement training. Whether you wish to work on basic handling, such as hoof-lifting or leading, or want to improve your riding, this course will suit you.

You will be able to choose which horse you want to work with, so check out our horses page and see who you like. Some of the horses will be able to be ridden, while with others we'll focus on ground work. Rachel is experienced in bringing tai chi into your work with horses, so there will be exercises on breath and posture. Changing these aspects has a powerful effect on how a horse responds to you. This creates a really useful set of skills for horse-handling for life. 

In particular, Rachel loves to work with anxious riders. With her approach, you will soon have skills and techniques to help you stay calm and confident with your horse. 

If you're new to positive reinforcement training, or wish to develop your skills, this is a fabulous opportunity. Rachel will teach you how to introduce rewards into your training without creating a pushy, nippy horse. You will learn how to create a calm horse but one who is also keen to learn and totally switched on. With that attitude, you can train anything!


Claire Waldron,
Price 590 Euros per person
Price includes:

  • 4 FULL days tuition plus evening introduction
  • Use of Centre horses and facilities
  • 5 nights accommodation in a shared room (max 3 in room).
  • All meals, including unlimited wine with evening meals. 
  • Optional meal at traditional Spanish restaurant one evening (pay your own costs)
  • Full use of our pretty villa, with garden and solar-heated pool.
  • Transfers from Granada Airport.

Opening Season Celebration Offer:

FREE extra night accommodation! You are welcome to add an extra night to your stay when you book the Full Package. This gives you time to laze about, visit local attractions or book a lesson with Rachel or Claire.  

Not Included: Flights, travel costs etc to the Centre (except transfers from Granada Airport). Compulsory Travel Insurance covering horse-based activities (required).


Group Size: 4-12