Connection Training Clinic with Shawna Karrasch

October 15th 5pm - October 19th 5pm

Come along to this clinic with Shawna and enjoy time with this world class trainer. This is an incredible opportunity for you to learn one-to-one with Shawna. This will fast-track your training with your own horse back home. All this and tapas too!


Shawna has been teaching horse owners how to train their horses with rewards for over 25 years. She is the author of “You Can Train Your Horse to do Anything” . She has trained people at the top of their game, such as Olympic Gold Medallist, Beezie Madden and in all disciplines. She is as excited to teach a leisure horse owner to teach their horse to load as she is to teach riders competing at International Levels. It’s all fun for her and she loves making it fun for you.


Putting the fun into training

The thing that our students love most about Shawna is that she smiles ALL the time. You can’t go wrong with Shawna. Whatever happens in your horse training is just information, and the more things seem to go off plan, the more amused she seems to be. Perhaps it’s just because Shawna loves teaching people and training horses so much, it’s all just more fun. So having Shawna guide you through your learning will help you to relax and enjoy it

This clinic is suitable for everyone from people new to positive reinforcement training to people who have used it for years. It is hard to explain just how good a trainer Shawna is. She sees the tiniest nuance in the horse and responds to it, creating fluid communication between you and the horse. She is truly a Master of horse training.


You will work with the horse/s of your choice, depending on what you want to work on. This could be anything from starting to use reward-based training, to working with youngsters to re-starting horses. You may be able to work under saddle if you and your horse agree that it's a good idea. But whatever you do, you will be amazed at the level of connection you reach under Shawna's coaching. 



Claire Waldron,

Price 590 Euros per person
Price includes:

  • 4 FULL days tuition plus evening introduction
  • Use of Centre horses and facilities
  • 5 nights accommodation in a shared room (max 3 in room).
  • All meals, including unlimited wine with evening meals. 
  • Optional meal at traditional Spanish restaurant one evening (pay your own costs)
  • Full use of our pretty villa, with garden and solar-heated pool.
  • Transfers from Granada Airport.

Opening Season Celebration Offer:

FREE extra night accommodation! You are welcome to stay until the Saturday. This gives you Friday to laze about, visit local attractions or book an extra lesson with Claire.

Not Included:

Flights, travel costs etc to the Centre (except transfers from Granada Airport). Compulsory Travel Insurance covering horse-based activities (required).


 Group Size: 4-12