Hoof trimming for Horse Owners with Lesley Holehouse and Rachel Bedingfield

September 24th 7pm - Sepember 30th 10am

Do you trim your own barefoot horse and want to improve your skills? Or are you just thinking of going barefoot and want to know more? Or perhaps you're training to become  a professional hoof trimmer and want to learn from the best? Whatever you want, this advanced course for is you!

In a full week, you will learn the why’s of barefoot hoof trimming and how to create the best environment to create a sound horse. This course is suitable for all levels. Whether you are training to be a trimmer or just thinking about going barefoot, we have packed the course with information and lots of practise, so everyone will go home more knowledgeable and more skilled.

Hoof Mechanics
You will see hoof dissections so you clearly understand the mechanics of hoof health. And you will learn to give your horse a good basic trim, and to identify where you need to call in a professional. If you are training to be a professional, you will learn skills and understanding from one of the most experienced trimmers in the world. Lesley has been training trimmers on the Equine Sciences Degree for many years and is an expert in passing on her skills.

Equine Lifestyle and Diet
Good hoof health is created by appropriate living conditions, the correct diet and low levels of stress. We will discuss how you can create the best lifestyle for your horse, looking in detail at systems such as Paddock Paradise, general track systems and Equi-Central. We will take a close look at the equine digestive system and gut health, as they are fundamental to good hoof health. Finally, we will look at posture, including saddle fit, and correct/incorrect movement, all of which strongly affect how the hoof grows. Rachel will lead this section, having expertise in equine ethology and nutrition.

Easy Hoof Trimming
Hoof trimming is physically taxing and a well-trained horse makes all the difference to your success. We'll look at the best ways to train your horse for hoof trimming. Led by Claire Waldron, you'll find out how to make hoof trimming your horse's favourite game.

After Course Support
This will be an interactive course and we encourage you to bring photos and videos of your horses so that you can have one to one consultations about your horse.
Lesley Holehouse is offering the opportunity for ongoing support from her after the Course. You can send her your photos, videos etc and book  Skype consultations with her. You can even take your phone to your horse so she can see the hoof live! You will never feel alone and in doubt again.



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HOST CONTACT: Claire Waldron, clairewaldron@msn.com

Price 675 Euros per person
Price includes:

  • 5 FULL days tuition
  • Use of Centre horses and facilities
  • 6 nights accommodation in a shared room (max 3 in room).
  • All meals, including unlimited wine with evening meals. 
  • Optional meal at traditional Spanish restaurant one evening (pay your own costs)
  • Full use of our pretty villa, with garden and solar-heated pool.
  • Transfers from Granada Airport.

Not Included: Flights, travel costs etc to the Centre (except transfers from Granada Airport). Compulsory Travel Insurance covering horse-based activities (required).