Leonera (Leo)

Leonera when Sue and Dave first rescued her.

Birthday: April 29, 2010

Leo is owned by Sue & Dave Norville; she is on loan to us whilst they work in the UK.

Leo has a difficult past too, Sue had been looking for a horse and they went to see Leonera, they weren’t prepared for what met them. Leo had foaled 8 months previously and sadly the foal had died, during the birth Leo had torn and her owners had not had the vet out to stitch her wound, so the tear had healed by itself in a very strange way. Leo was also under weight and living next to a stallion who was frantically trying to get to her as she was in season. The owners couldn’t cope with the situation and said that Leo was going to be sold for meat if they couldn’t find a home quickly.


Sue and Dave couldn’t leave her in that dangerous situation and rescued her. Leo’s young life was full of trauma so she spent a lot of time over threshold, with fear being her overriding emotion. They worked with her sympathetically and listened to what she needed, giving her time to recover both physically and mentally. Sue developed a lovely relationship with her, and built up her trust.


Now Leo is here with us and will continue her emotional and mental rehabilitation. Although she is a very different horse to when she was first rescued, she still has a few issues with trust and confidence to overcome. She is a sweet, gentle girl and we love seeing her personality shine through!